Topic: Supervision Levels by Setting
GENERAL SUPERVISION The supervisor is available on a regularly scheduled basis to review the practice of the PTA and support the PTA in the performance of his/her services. The supervising therapist is on call and readily available physically or through direct telecommunication for consultation, and written or oral instructions for treatment of the patient has been given. There is predetermined plan for emergency situations, including the designation of an alternate PT in the absence of the regular licensed PT.
ONSITE SUPERVISION The supervisor is physically present and immediately available to direct and supervise tasks that are related to patient/client management. The supervisor shall be in the same building or, where physical therapy is rendered in several contiguous buildings, in one of the contiguous buildings, while the physical therapist assistant is rendering care. The supervisor shall be constantly available through electronic communications for consultation or for recall to the immediate area.


Same in All Settings 47
Differs by Setting 6

Supervision Levels by Setting

Jurisdiction Same in All Settings Differs by Settings
Alabama General (Reference: AL Admin. Code §700-X-3-.03 (3)(b))
Alaska General (Reference: AK Admin. Code 12 AAC 54.510 (e))
Arizona General (Reference: AZ Revised Statutes 32-2043 (B))
Arkansas General (Reference: AR Admin. Rule IX)
California General (Reference: CA 16 CCR § 1398.44)
Colorado General (Reference: CO 4 CCR 732-1 Rule 201 (C))
Connecticut General (Reference: CT Gen. Statues Title 20 Chapter 376 § 20-66 (3))
Delaware General (Reference: DE Admin. Code Title 24 Chapter 2600 Rule 1.2.2 and 1.2.3)
District of Columbia Onsite (Reference: DC Municipal Regulations 6712.2)
West Virginia Yes (Reference: WV Admin. Rule § 16-1-8 8.2)

Onsite supervision required when care is delivered in a hosptial or other acute-care center, free-standing, outpatient, or independent practice setting (general supervision permitted 40% of time if PTA has at least 1000 hours of experience). General supervision permitted in skilled/unskilled nursing facility, distint part skilled/unskilled nursing unit or swing-bed unit in an acute care hospital, home health, or school setting.
Florida Yes (Reference: FL Admin. Code 64B17-6.001 (4) & (5))

Per FL Admin. Code 64B17-6.001 (4), for Hospital Inpatient setting AND when patient is in acute phase of injury/illness, the PT must be readily and physically available to provide consultation. General supervision is required in all other situations.
Georgia Yes (Reference: GA Rule 490-5-.01)

Per GA Rule 490-5-.01 (2), the licensed PT must be present in the same institutional setting 25% of any work week in the following settings: nursing home; acute hospital; convalescent hospital; rehabilitation center; other in-patient facility; an out-patient clinic, including private offices. General supervision is required at all other times and in all other practice settings.
Hawaii General (Reference: HI Admin. Code 16-110-4 (b))
Idaho General (Reference: ID Admin. Code IDAPA
Illinois General (Reference: IL Compiled Statutes 225 ILCS 90 Sec 2 (7))
Indiana General (Reference: IN Admin. Code 844 IAC 6-1-2 (g))
Kansas General (Reference: KS Admin. Regulations 100-29-16 (2)(b))
Kentucky General (Reference: KY Admin. Regulations 201 KAR 22:053 Section 4)
Louisiana General (Reference: LA Admin. Code Title 46 Part LIV § 333 (B)(2)(d))
Maine General (Reference: ME Rule 02-393 CMR Chapter 4)
Maryland General (Reference: MD Regulations COMAR 10.38.01 (B)(12))
Massachusetts General (Reference: MA Reg 259 CMR § 5.02 (3)( c ))
Michigan General (Reference: MI Admin. Code R 338.7138 (2))
Minnesota General (Reference: MN Statutes § 148.65 Subdivision 3)
Mississippi General (Reference: MS Admin. Code Part 3103 Chapter 8 Rule 8.2 (1)( e ))
Missouri General (Reference: MO Regs 20 CSR 2150-3.090 (3)(D))
Montana General (Reference: MT Code 37-11-105 (1))
Nebraska General (Reference: NE Admin. Code 172 NAC 137-006.01)
Nevada General (Reference: NV Admin Code NAC 640.592 (1)( c ))
New Hampshire General (Reference: NH Statutes § 328-A:11 (IV))
New Jersey General (Reference: NJ Statutes § 45:9-37.13)
New Mexico General (Reference: NM Admin. Code (D))
New York Yes (Reference: NYS Statute § 6738)

Onsite supervision is generally required, except in specific settings that allow for continuous supervision, which is less restrictive than onsite. These settings include: (a) residential health care facility; diagnostic and treatment center that primarily serves individuals with developmental disabilities; or mental health facility when the physical therapy program is for maintenance. (b) home care services, not including early intervention services. (c) primary and secondary schools.
North Carolina General (Reference: NC Admin. Code 21 NCAC 48C.0201)
North Dakota Yes (Reference: ND Admin. Code 61.5-05-01-02)

In home health, long-term care, and school settings, PT must be accessible by communication; In hospitals or other clinical settings, constant onsite supervision is required.
Ohio General (Reference: OH Admin. Code 4755-27-04 (C)(2))
Oklahoma General (Reference: OK Admin. Code Rule 435:20-7-1 (a)(2)(A))
Oregon General (Reference: OR Admin. Rules 848-015-0020 (2))
Pennsylvania Yes (Reference: PA Rule 49 Pa Code § 40.173)

Unless the PTA holds a current certificate of authority to provide services under indirect supervision per section 9.1 of the PT Practice Act, direct onsite supervision is required. In an acute care hospital, acute inpatient rehabilitation center, or long - term acute care hospital, direct onsite supervision is required. In an independent private practice outpatient facility or an outpatient facility of a practice owned or affiliated with a hospital or healthcare system, direct onsite supervision is required for at least 50% of the hours worked by the PTA. PT must be immediately available by telcommunications at all other times. General supervision is permitted in other settings if the PTA is authorized to provide services under indirect supervision.
Puerto Rico Undetermined
Rhode Island General (Reference: RI Code of Regs 216-RICR-40-05-13.4.7 (A)(2))
South Carolina General (Reference: SC 1976 Code § 40-45-300 (B))
South Dakota General (Reference: SD Codified Law 36-10-35.9 (1))
Tennessee General (Reference: TN Rule 1150-01-.02 (2)(a))

PT may not supervise a PTA that is delivering services at a site further than 60 miles or 1 hour from the PT.
Texas General (Reference: TX Admin. Code 22 TAC § 322.3)
Utah General (Reference: UT Statute 58-24b-401 (2)(a)(i))
Vermont General (Reference: VT Code of Rules CVR 04-030-240 § 3.4 (a))
Virgin Islands Undetermined
Virginia General (Reference: VA Admin. Code 18 VAC 112-20-90 (D))
Washington General (Reference: WA Admin. Code 246-915-181 (5)(a))
Wisconsin General (Reference: WI Admin. Code Rule PT 5.01 (2)(c))
Wyoming General (Reference: WY Regs Chapter 7 Sect 5 (a)(ii))
Iowa General (Reference: IA Admin. Code 645.200.6(1))