Topic: Retaking NPTE
Important:FSBPT Eligibilty Rules Restrict attempts to total of 6 per type of exam (6 attempts at PT/6 attempts at PTA by same person).

Retaking the NPTE

Jurisdiction Jurisdiction limit on NPTE attempts Remediation required after NPTE failure
Alabama 6 (Reference: No (Reference: AL Admin Code 700-X)
Alaska 6 (Reference : Yes (Reference: 12 AAC 54.080.(c))
Arizona No (Reference: AZ Revised Statutes 32-2024.E)

An applicant for licensure or certification who does not pass the national examination after the first attempt may retake the examination one additional time within six months after the first failure without reapplication for licensure or certification. An applicant may retake the examinations as prescribed by the organization that administers the examinations.
California No (Reference: CA Business & Professions Code §2638.)
Colorado 6 (Reference: No (Reference: 4 CCR 732-1)
Connecticut No (Reference: Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 376Sec. 20-70.(b)(3))

Any applicant under this section who fails to pass the examination prescribed by the department with the consent of the board may take a subsequent examination on payment of an additional application fee.
Delaware 6 (Reference : No (Reference: DE Admin Code Title 24.2600.7.5)
District of Columbia Yes (Reference: District of Columbia Municipal Regulations Title 17 6704.8)
West Virginia No (Reference: WVAC §16-1-4.1)
Florida 5 (Reference: FL Admin Code 64B17-3.001)

This includes test attempts in all states, not just FL. Includes endorsement applicants.
Yes (Reference: FL Admin Code 64B17-3.002(4)(b))
Hawaii 6 (Reference : No (Reference: HI Admin Rules §16-110-20)
Idaho No (Reference: ID Admin Code
Illinois Yes (Reference: 225 ILCS 90/12)
Indiana 6 (Reference: IN Code 25-27-1-7(e)) No (Reference: 844 IAC 6-3-2(c )(1-4))
Kansas 6 (Reference: KS Admin Regulations100-29-4.(c)) Yes (Reference: KS Admin Regulations 100-29-4.)
Kentucky 6 (COMBINED both PT/PTA Exams Reference: 201 KAR 22:020.Section 2(3))

KY limits 6 attempts total (in any jurisdiction) that can be split between PT and PTA (3 PT and 3 PTA or 4 PT and 2 PTA).
No (Reference: 201 KAR 22:020. Section 2)
Louisiana 4 (Reference: LA Admin Code Title 46 part LIV §171.B) Yes (Reference: LA Admin Code Title 46 part LIV §171.(C )(1))
Maine 6 (Reference: No (Reference: ME Admin Rules 02-393 Chapter 11.D.)
Maryland No (Reference: Code of MD Regulations title 10 chapter 38.03)
Massachusetts No (Reference: Massachusetts General Laws. Part I, Title XVI, Chapter 112, Section 23B)
Michigan 6 (Reference: MI Admin Code R 338.7134 (2)) No (Reference: Mich. Admin. Code R 338.7146(2))
Minnesota No (Reference: MN Statute 148.723)
Mississippi 5 (Reference: MS Regulations Title 30 Part 3103: Rule 1.1:3.a)

An applicant who has taken the exam more than five times in any jurisdiction and who is not licensed is not eligible to sit for the examination in Mississippi.
No (Reference: MS Regulations Title 30 Part 3103: Rule 1.1)
Missouri 6 (Reference : MO Revised Statutes 334.530) No (Reference: MO Revised Statutes 334.56)
Montana No (Reference: MT Admin Rules 24.177.501)
Nebraska 6 (Reference: No (Reference: 172 NAC 137-012.03)
Nevada No (Reference: NAC 640.040.5)
New Hampshire 6 (Reference: Yes (Reference: NH Statute 328-A:7 IV.(b))
New Jersey 6 (Reference: No (Reference: NJ Admin Code 3:39A-5.8)
New Mexico 6 (Reference: Yes (Reference: NMAC
New York No (Reference: NY PT Rules Education§77.2a)
North Carolina 6 (Reference: No (Reference: 21 NCAC 48D .0109)
North Dakota 6 (Reference: ND Century Code Section 43-26.1-05 ) Yes (Reference: NDAC Title 61.5-02-01-03.)
Ohio 6 (Reference: OH Admin Code 4755-23-03(c)) No (Reference: OH Admin Code 4755-23-03(c ))
Oklahoma 3 (Reference: OK Admin Code 435:20-3-5(4))

In the event of failure to pass the third examination, an applicant will not be eligible to re-apply for examination in Oklahoma. The applicant may re-take the examination in another state.
Yes (Reference: OK Admin Code 435:20-3-5(c))

Applicants who do not pass the examination after the first attempt may retake the examination one additional time without re-application for licensure.Prior to being approved by the Board for subsequent testing beyond two attempts, individuals shall reapply and present evidence satisfactory to the Board of having successfully completed additional clinical training and/or course work as approved by the Board.
Oregon 6 (Reference: OR Admin Code 848-010-0015(1)(c)) No (Reference: OR Admin Code 848-010-0015(1))
Pennsylvania Yes (Reference: PA Admin Code § 40.14.(b))
Puerto Rico Yes (Reference: L.P.R.A. Law 88)

Remediation required after 5 NPTE failed attempts
Rhode Island 6 (Reference: Yes (Reference: RI Rules R5-40-PT/PTA 5.3.1)
South Carolina 6 (Reference: SC Code of Laws SECTION 40-45-230.(H))

This includes test attempts in all states, not just SC. Includes endorsement applicants.
Yes (Reference: SC Code of Laws SECTION 40-45-230.(G))
South Dakota 6 (Reference: No (Reference: SD Law 36-10-28.)
Tennessee Yes (Reference: TN Admin Code 1150-01-.08(9))
Texas 6 (Reference: No (Reference: TX PT Rules §329.2.(b))
Utah 6 (Reference: No (Reference: UT Admin Code R156-24b-302b.)
Vermont Yes (Reference: VT Statute § 2103. (e))
Virgin Islands 6 (Reference: PT Regulations 6.C)

If the applicant has not passed the national examination in less than or equal to 6 attempts, the applicant may not be licensed as a physical therapist in the territory.
Yes (Reference: PT Regulations 6.E)
Virginia 6 (Reference: No (Reference: 18VAC112-20-60.)
Washington 6 (Reference: Yes (Reference: WAC 246-915-020.2)
Wisconsin 6 (Reference: No (Reference: WI Regulations Chapter PT 2.03)
Wyoming 6 (Reference: WY Rules and Regulations Chapter 2 Sec 1.(b)(i)) Yes (Reference: WY Rules and Regulations Chapter 2 Sec 1.(b))
Iowa 6 (Reference: IAC 645-200.4(3)) No (Reference: IAC 645—200.4(147))