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Physical Therapy Compact Members

State Is a Member of the Physical Therapy Compact
Alabama Yes (Reference: Act No. 2021-115)
Alaska No
Arizona Yes (Reference: AZ Code 32-2053)
Arkansas Yes (Reference: AR Statute Act 31)
California No
Colorado Yes (Reference: CO Revised Statute 12-41-103.6.(2)(f)(III))
Connecticut No
Delaware Yes (Reference: DE Code Chapter 26A§ 2601A. )
District of Columbia Yes (Reference: Act A23-0544)
West Virginia Yes (Reference: WV Code §30-41-2)
Florida No
Georgia Yes (Reference: Official Code of GA, Chapter 33, Title 43)
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois No
Indiana Yes (Reference: Public Law 196)
Kansas Yes (Reference: SB 170 )
Kentucky Yes (Reference: KY Revised Statute 327.3)
Louisiana Yes (Reference: LA Revised Statute 37:2413)
Maine No
Maryland Yes (Reference: MD Statute, Chapter 374)
Massachusetts No
Michigan No
Minnesota No
Mississippi Yes (Reference: MS Code Ann. § 73-23-101)
Missouri Yes (Reference: MO Revised Statutes Chapter 334)
Montana Yes (Reference: MT Code Annotated 37-11-312)
Nebraska Yes (Reference: Revised Statutes of NE Section 1. Section 38-131(1))
Nevada No
New Hampshire Yes (Reference: New Hamsphire Statute 328-A:5-aIII.(a)(4))
New Jersey Yes (Reference: NJ Public Law 2017, c.304)
New Mexico No
New York No
North Carolina Yes (Reference: 21 NCAC 48E .0113)
North Dakota Yes (Reference: ND Century Code Chapter 43-26.2)
Ohio Yes (Reference: SB 5)
Oklahoma Yes (Reference: Oklahoma Statutes Title 59, Section 887.19)
Oregon Yes (Reference: OR Revised Statute 688.24)
Pennsylvania Yes (Signed by Governor Wolfe on 11/25/2020: Reference )
Puerto Rico No
Rhode Island No
South Carolina Yes (Reference: SC Statute Section 1. Chapter 45, Title 40)
South Dakota Yes (Reference: Signed by the Governor on March 26, 2020 S.J. 559)
Tennessee Yes (Reference: TN Admin Rules 1150-01-.05(1)(i))
Texas Yes (Reference: TX Occupations Code Sec 453.215)
Utah Yes (Reference: UT Code 58-24c)
Vermont No
Virgin Islands No
Virginia Yes (Reference: Code of VA, Chapter 34.1, Title 54.1)
Washington Yes (Reference: Revised Code of WA 18.74.500 Article III(2))
Wisconsin Yes (Reference: 02/06/2020, Sen. - Report approved by the Governor on 2-5-2020. 2019 Wisconsin Act 100 )
Wyoming No
Iowa Yes (Reference: IA Code Ch 147C.1)