Topic: Licensure Renewal Requirements


Continuing Competence/Education Units 51
Jurisprudence Assessments 15
Criminal Background Checks 1
Professional Liability Insurance 3
Other 17

Licensure Renewal Requirements

State Continuing Competence/Education Units Jurisprudence Assessments Criminal Background Checks Professional Liability Insurance Other
Alabama Yes (Reference: AL Admin. Code §700-X-2-.09 (4)(d) Renewal Of License)
Alaska Yes (Reference: AK Admin. Code §12 AAC 54.410(a))
Arizona Yes (Reference: AZ Admin. Code § R4-24-402 (A))
Arkansas Yes (Reference: AR Rules & Regulations Section XI(A)) Yes (Reference: AR Rules & Regulations Section VI.E.)
California Yes (Reference: CA CCR § 1399.91(a))
Colorado Yes (Reference: CO 4 CCR 732-1-213(C)(1)(a)(ii))
Connecticut Yes (Reference: CT Chapter 36 Sec. 20-73b)
Delaware Yes (Reference: DE Title 24 Rule 13.1)
District of Columbia Yes (Reference: DC Mun. Regs. 17-6706.(4)(a))
West Virginia Yes (Reference: WV Rule §16-1-10.2)
Florida Yes (Reference: FL Statute §486.109(1))
Georgia Yes (Reference: GA Rule §490-4-.02(1)) Yes (Reference: GA Rule §490-4-.02) Yes (Reference: GA Rule §490-4-.01)
Hawaii Yes (Reference: HI Statute §461J-10.1)
Idaho Yes (Reference: ID Rule 250.01)
Illinois Yes (Reference: IL Code Title 68, Chapter VII, Subchapter b, Part 1340 §1340.61(a)(1))
Indiana Yes (Reference: IN §844 IAC 6-8-3(a))
Kansas Yes (Reference: KS Admin Rules 100-29-9) Yes (Reference: K.A.R. 100-29-9.(a)(1)(f)15)) Yes (Reference: KS Admin Regs 100-29-15.)
Kentucky Yes (Reference: KY 201 KAR §22:045(2)(a)) Yes (Reference: 201 KAR 22:045.Section 2.1.(a)(1)) Yes (Reference: 201 KY Admin Regulations 22:040.)
Louisiana Yes (Reference: LA Rule Title 46 §194(A)) Yes (Reference: LA Admin Code Title 46 Subch. D § 195.B.(1))
Maryland Yes (Reference: MD Code Title 10, Subtitle 38, Chapter 08 §.05(D))
Massachusetts Yes (Reference: 259 CMR 7.01)
Michigan Yes (Reference: MI Admin Code R338.7161 Rule 61(2))
Minnesota Yes (Reference: MN Rule §5601.2100) Yes (Reference: MN Rules 5601.1700 Subpart 2.) Yes (Reference: MN Rules 5601.1700 Subpart 1.)
Mississippi Yes (Reference: MS Reg. Part 3103 §5.2(1)) Yes (Reference: MS Regulations Title 30 Rule 4.1.3)
Missouri Yes (Reference: MO 20 CSR §2150-3.201(1)) Yes (Reference: 20 CSR 2150-3.060(4))
Montana Yes (Reference: MT Rule §24.177.2105(2)(b))
Nebraska Yes (Reference: 172 NAC 137-013.01(a)) Yes (Reference: 172 NAC 137-013.01.1.b) Yes (Reference: 172 NAC 137-013)
Nevada Yes (Reference: NV Admin Code §640.400) Yes (Reference: NV Revised Statute 640.150)
New Hampshire Yes (Reference: NH Rule Chap. Phy §406.01(a)) Yes (Reference: NH Code 402.06.07)
New Jersey Yes (Reference: NJ Admin Code 13:39A-9.2(a)) Yes (Reference: NJ Admin Code 13:39A-9.2) Yes (Reference: NJ Admin Code 13:39A-9.2(a))
New Mexico Yes (Reference: NM Rule Yes (Reference: NM Rule
New York Yes (Reference: NY Law Art. 136 §6742-a(2))
North Carolina Yes (Reference: 21 NCAC 48G .0106(a)) Yes (Reference: 21 NCAC 48G .0109(k))
North Dakota Yes (Reference: ND 61.5-03-01-02) Yes (Reference: NDAC 61.5-02-02-05.)
Ohio Yes (Reference: OH Revised Code §4755.51) Yes (Reference: OH Admin Code 4755-23-08(A)(1-2)) Yes (Reference: OH Revised Code 4755.46)
Oklahoma Yes (Reference: OAC Title 435:20-9-2(b)) Yes (Reference: OK Admin Rules 435:20-3-6(3)) Yes (Reference: OK Admin Rules 435:20-3-6)
Oregon Yes (Reference: OAR 848-035-0020) Yes (Reference: OR Admin Rules 848-010-0033)
Pennsylvania Yes (Reference: PA Reg. §40.67(a)(1)) Yes (Reference: PA Admin Code § 40.19.(6)) Yes (Reference: PA Admin Code § 40.19)
Puerto Rico Yes (Reference: PR PT Rules Chapter V)
Rhode Island Yes (Reference: R5-40-PT/PTA Section 6.6) Yes (Reference: R5-40-PT/PTA Section 6.0)
South Carolina Yes (Reference: SC Chapter 101-07(1))
South Dakota Yes (Reference: SD Chapter 20:66:03)
Tennessee Yes (Reference: TN Rule §1150-01-.12(3)(a)) Yes (Reference: TN Rule §1150-01-.09)
Texas Yes (Reference: TX Rule Chap. §341.2(c)) Yes (Reference: TX PT Rules §341.1.(c)(3)) Yes (Reference: TX Occupations Code Sec 453.255.(a))
Utah Yes (Reference: UT Rule R156-24b-303b)
Vermont Yes (Reference: VT Physical Therapy Rule 4.4.1(a))
Virgin Islands Yes (Reference: 27 V.I.C. § 166(e))
Virginia Yes (Reference: 18VAC112-20-131(A)) Yes (Reference: 18 VAC 112-20-130)
Washington Yes (Reference: WAC 246-915-085(1))
Wisconsin Yes (Reference: WI Chap. PT9.02) (Reference: WI Admin Code Subchapter III 448.55(2)(2))
Wyoming Yes (Reference: WY PT Rule Chap. 6 Sec 1(a)) Yes (Reference: WY Admin Code Chapter 3 Section 4.(c)) Yes (Reference: WY PT Rule Chap. 3 Sec 4)
Iowa Yes (Reference: IA Chapter 203.2(1)(a))