Supervised Clinical Practice Evaluation Tool

The purpose of supervised clinical practice (SCP) for a physical therapist that did not graduate from a CAPTE-accredited program is to promote public protection by evaluating the PT’s ability to practice competently within the United States’ healthcare system. In the case of the initial physical therapist licensure in one of the US jurisdictions, the foreign educated physical therapist is not likely to have had exposure to or experience practicing in the US Healthcare system. Completion of a supervised clinical practice under the direction of a US licensed physical therapist will better prepare a foreign educated physical therapist for successful entry into the US workforce, promote clinical competence and the delivery of safe and effective care, assist in addressing cultural competence, and ensure a necessary level of public protection. Further, because English language proficiency is a critical to providing physical therapy services in the US, verification of the ability to communicate in English is necessary for successful clinical practice.

Successfully completing an SCP is a high stakes endeavor with a critical need for a valid evaluation tool. FSBPT developed the Performance Evaluation Tool (PET) to meet the need for a tool that is valid, defensible, and can be consistently applied by supervisors and licensing jurisdictions.

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The Power of the PET

The Practice Evaluation Tool allows supervisors and trainees to work together to come to a shared understanding of the trainee's clinical practice competency.


Email us at or call the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) at (703) 739-9420.

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