The Board Assessment Resource (BAR) is a method of evaluating the regulatory board's performance in accomplishing its mission of preventing and reducing real or potential harm while ensuring access to safe and competent physical therapy services.

The individual completing the BAR should answer the yes/no questions to the best of their knowledge about the operations of the board. At a minimum, the board administrator should complete the BAR and discuss it with board members, however, all board members may desire to complete the tool. Once you begin the BAR, you must finish; you cannot save and return to the point where you left off. The BAR takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. To preview the questions, click the appropriate button to the right.

In the end, a summative report is generated and may be saved by the user or printed for future reference, however, it will not be stored by FSBPT. At the completion of the assessment, the user is provided a list of resources to help improve in the areas where the individual answered "no". Jurisdictions are not able to compare answers nationally, regionally, or against any other jurisdiction.

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